Agreena the leading soil carbon certification company, announces the intensification of operations on the Romanian market through the strategic partnership with IPSO, the Romanian leader in agricultural machinery. Through this approach, the two companies aim to reward as many farmers as possible who adopt sustainable farming practices in the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Thus, farmers play a crucial role in combating climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while making agriculture more productive and profitable. Agreena has developed a way that turns environmental impact into a new additional source of income for farmers, financing the regenerative transition and harnessing opportunities in the voluntary carbon market.Starting from May this year, through the partnership with IPSO Agricultură, Agreena is intensifying its operations on Romania market by maximizing the number of farmers participating in the Agreena Carbon program, offering them certificates that can later be sold on the voluntary carbon market. To promote regenerative agriculture nationally, IPSO will promote and register farmers for the program, strengthening the efforts of the local Agreena team.

“The partnership with IPSO Agricultură is an important step for farmers, giving more confidence and openness in this carbon farming market. Together we are convinced that we will succeed in developing this segment to increase the number of carbon certificates and facilitate farmers’ transition to regenerative farming practices.”, stated Mihaela-Monica Vasile, Market Lead Agreena Romania.

AgreenaCarbon program uses an internationally accredited mixed methodology to monitor, quantify, validate and verify greenhouse gas emissions reductions and removals on-farm level. Using satellite and artificial intelligence technology, it assesses five years of field data and quantifies farmers’ greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks, aligned with the latest United Nations IPCC guidelines. 

“Romania has a very high potential in regenerative agriculture, and the agricultural machinery offered by IPSO Agriculture represents the first pillar for implementing promising but equally sustainable technologies. The digitization of agriculture is becoming a goal at the national level, and the partnership with Agreena represents an important step in the development, efficiency, and increased profitability of farms in Romania”, added Adrian Călin, Crop Care Product Specialist, IPSO Agricultura.

Source: Business Review 05 2023