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Romanian farmers of Dobrogea, Ialomița and Tulcea Regions: do you want to sell your production to a reliable partner? if you produce CERTIFIED organic soyabeans, sunflower, proteic pea are welcome to contact us!

Starting this harvesting summer (2020) BIO FARM CRUCEA begins its trading commodities: OUR PROFESSIONAL STAFF is happy to welcome YOU on board as part of our NEW BIG FAMILY!

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BIO FARM CRUCEA: masuri pentru desfasurarea activitatii in termeni restransi si de precauție maxima

După cum știți, virusul COVID-19 se răspândește cu rapiditate și acum e momentul ca această răspândire să fie combatută efectiv pe teritoriul României. De aceea, autoritățile au emis anumite directive pentru a reduce răspândirea lui, dar în acelasi timp fiecare dintre noi trebuie să depună eforturi personale în condiții de maximă responsabilitate socială pentru a putea lupta împotriva pandemiei declarate. Este momentul în care trebuie să ne gândim cu precadere la viitor și să înțelegem că măsurile pe care le putem implementa în acest moment de limitare a interacțiunii sociale sunt singurele care ne pot da speranța că această situație va avea un final cât mai scurt și mai lipsit de consecințe majore.

Datorită responsabilității sociale ce a reprezentat mereu o componentă definitorie a atitudinii față de activitate și furnizori a Bio Farm Crucea Srl, am implementat mai multe măsuri de siguranță în sediul noastra.

 În prezent, există o politică „fără vizitatori” în toate locațile Bio Farm Crucea .

Fiecare lucru îl vom putea face împreună respectând normele de evitare a contactului între persoane. Astfel vă vom acorda suportul în activitatea dvs. utilizând toate modalitățile de comunicare la distanță  (e-mail, telefon mobil, Whatsapp, etc. etc.).

Cu ajutorul și înțelegerea dvs. avem încrederea că vom trece cu bine peste această perioadă care ne pune la grea încercare.

Dacă aveți întrebări sau nelămuriri specifice, vă rugăm să contactați responsabilul Elena Staicu: elena.staicu@biofarmcrucea.ro

Holde Agri Invest attracts RON 10 million from BVB investors

Holde Agri Invest, a Romanian agricultural company operating farmland, has successfully closed a private placement offer for its shares, having raised RON 10 million from Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)investors. The offer took place between December 16th and 23rd, 2019.

The intermediary to the transaction was SSIF BRK Financial Group, while the private placement was carried out through the POFX trading system administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, intended for public offers and private placements.

During the offer period, the company has placed 8,984,267 new ordinary shares, which were sold for RON 1.1135 per share. 27 investors have participated in the offering, with the average subscription being of approximately RON 370,000. Following the private placement, the share capital of Holde Agri Invest will increase up to RON 32.3 million.

In line with the information provided in the Offering Document, the company’s share will float on the AeRO market of the BVB within 6 months since closing the private placement, thus by end of June 2020. Once floated on AeRO, Holde will be the first agricultural company to be listed on BVB. The company’s stock will be available for trading under the HAI symbol.

 “We thank all the investors for participating in our private placement. This moment marks a new beginning for Holde Agri Invest, that of becoming a publicly-traded company. The capital raised from BVB investors will fuel expansion of the operated farmland, thus helping us become a significant player in the local agricultural market. We look forward to HAI’s debut on the AeRO market by the end of the first half of this year and until then, we continue the implementation of our ambitious development plan,“ said Liviu Zagan, CEO at Holde Agri Invest.

The capital raised during private placement will be used to expand the arable area through the acquisition of a new farm. Once the investment is closed, Holde Agri Invest will boast at least 7,000 hectares of arable land. Holde’s goal is to become one of the largest Romanian players on the local agricultural market, reaching a minimum of 20,000 hectares of cultivated land within the next 10 years. To reach this objective, Holde aims to invest over EUR 50 million and to promote and develop a modern agricultural business where efficiency and operational excellence are the main driver of the results.

“With the closing of Holde Agri Invest’s private placement, we have brought to Bucharest Stock Exchange investors a premiere on the local capital market – the first publicly traded agricultural company. Through HAI shares, we propose to BVB investors not only the opportunity to diversify their portfolios but also profitable investment build on corporate governance and solid business principles, in an industry which has historically brought profitable returns to its shareholders,” said Eugen Voicu, Member of the Board at Holde Agri Invest SA and founding shareholder of Certinvest.

The concept for Holde was invented in 2016 by four Romanian entrepreneurs, Liviu Zagan, Robert Maxim, Matei Georgescu, and Alexandru Covrig. In 2017, the founders have joined forces with the team from a local asset management company, Certinvest and together, in 2018, they established the innovative business model behind Holde Agri Invest SA. Soon after Holde received the first external investment from Vertical Severn Group, a fund established by Romanian entrepreneurs Iulian Cîrciumaru and Andrei Cretu. After closing private placement, Holde Agri Invest SA has 52 shareholders. Vertical Seven Group remains the biggest shareholder of Holde, having 19.6 percent stake while remaining investors have holdings between 9 percent and 0.1 percent in the business. The business model envisages that no single shareholder holds a majority stake in the company.

SOURCE: Business Review – January 2020

Viitorul este acum – The future is now!

The BIO FARM CRUCEA management is proudly introducing the idea of an “organic district” based in Crucea. By Organic District we define a local productive system with a high agricultural vocation where organic production and processing practices are predominant. The main object of this new subject is to promote the diffusion of organic agriculture focusing on the productive and environmental territorial characteristic within local farmers.

Crucea (Judetul Constanta), lies on the beautiful hills of the omonimous small village, close to the National Reserve “Dealul Alah Bair”. Its reach agriculture territory makes it suitable for a new ambitious project: become the first organic district in Dobrogea!

Together with the help of international players and professionals we think we can grow stronger!

If you share the same view, please contact us: matteo.bocchio@biofarmcrucea.ro

Good year for Romanian agriculture: turnover up by EUR 500 million in 2019

The turnover of local companies operating in the agriculture sector will increase by almost half a billion euros in 2019, placing agriculture among the strategic sectors of the Romanian economy, according to the estimates of KeysFin specialists.

However, the results could have been better had the weather been more favorable. If in 2018 agricultural production in Romania reached historical highs, with records for wheat and maize, this year statistics are showing a decrease, not just in the case of domestic agriculture, but also at the European level, due to the extreme climatic conditions.

“Romania occupies a leading position among European countries in agricultural production, and the turnover and profit of local companies represent an equally good barometer for the successes of Romanian agriculture. Even though not all companies in the field use drones and other modern technologies to monitor and protect agricultural crops, investments and programs in this sector, both by authorities and private entities, have targeted useful changes, which have contributed fully to the development of agriculture, so our team of experts foresees an increase of this sector in 2019, by about 5 percent compared to the total turnover of 2018 of companies in the field,” said Roxana Popescu, managing director of KeysFin.

In 2018, the turnover of the local agriculture companies reached RON 43 billion, registering an increase of 14.7 percent compared to the results of 2014.

The largest agriculture company was the Romsilva Forest National Agency, with a turnover of RON 2.3 billion (5.3 percent of the total) in 2018. The ranking continues with Smithfield Romanian (RON 868 million), followed by Promat Comimpex ( RON 715 million), Agro-Chirnogi (RON 698 million) and Transavia (RON 597 million).

The 10 most important players in agriculture had total turnovers amounting to RON 6.8 billion, concentrating 16 percent of the total turnover of this sector in 2018.

New records for Romania

Plant production in Romania has increased by 26 percent over the last five years, reaching EUR 13.9 billion, ranking 6th in the EU in 2018, with almost 6 percent of the total.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, despite dangerous hydro-meteorological phenomena, last year Romania ranked first in maize among the member states of the European Union, both in terms of cultivated area and production, with 18.7 million tonnes.

Moreover, Romania reported last year the highest production of sunflower in the EU, of 3 million tonnes, being followed in the ranking by countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, France and Spain.

Romania also recorded 7.3 percent of total wheat production at EU level, 10.1 million tonnes, thus ranking 4th, after France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In the case of soybean production, Romania occupies the second position both from the point of view of the cultivated area and that of the production area, accounting for over 16 percent of the total EU.

Half of companies see profit

Despite the challenges related to unpredictable weather conditions or difficult access to finance, of the more than 23,500 companies operating in the agricultural sector, approximately 13,600 (58 percent) made a profit, while 7,200 (30.5 percent) registered losses.

Source: Business Review – November 2019


On November 26th 2019 at 10:00 A.M. – Bio Farm Crucea, Agricola Grains (Italy) and BIOS Romania and other partners will organize the first edition of an intent annual meeting on “Culturile alternative și răspunsurile în piața, pentru o agricultura ecologică care provoaca schimbările climatice” .

If interested, please send your confirmation with exact number of guests to: info@biofarmcrucea.ro

ATTENTION: Limited guests number to 15-20

Romania becomes EU’s main cereal exporter

Romania has become the main cereal exporter among the European Union member states, leading the economic bloc in terms of wheat and maize exports to other countries.

During the first 11 weeks of the current marketing season 2019/2020, Romania has exported 1,72 million tonnes of common wheat, or 33.6 percent of total EU export, followed by France (1,26 million tonnes, 24.6 percent of EU export), according to EU Crops Market Observatory.

Last year, Romania was the third producer of cereals in the EU, after France and Germany, with 31.2 million of tonnes – an all-time high, according to official numbers.

The eastern European country is now the biggest producer of corn and sunflower seeds within the EU, with total output of almost 19 million tonnes of corn and 3.35 million tonnes of sunflower seeds.

Due to larger output, Romania’s export of cereals rose last year by 1 million tonnes up to 12 million tonnes, a record level, and the value of cereal exports was EUR 2.2 billion.

Romania is also the main maize exporter, with 114,737 tonnes delivered since the beginning of this season, or 48.6 percent of total EU export of maize.

The Eastern European country is the second main exporter of barley among the EU member states, with 449,170 tonnes, after France (682,274 tonnes).

Source: Business Review Sept 23rd, 2019

China CEE Investment Fund II completes acquisition of 15 grain silos and logistics hubs from Brise Group

China Central and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II completes the acquisition of 15 grain silos and logistics hubs from Brise Group, and aims to create the first open access agriculture infrastructure platform in Romania.

CEE Equity Partners, the Investment Advisor to the China Central and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II, announces the acquisition of 15 grain silos and logistics hubs from the Brise Group, from now on held by Bristol Logistics (BL), according to a press release of the Fund.

The assets are strategically located throughout the most productive agricultural areas in the country, and have multimodal connections that allow road, rail and/or water trans-shipment directly within the properties. The assets will be further modernized, and upgraded to further enhance the discharging and loading rates, improve storage and treatment related services as well as traceability.

Brise Group is one of the most important independent grain traders in Romania, and will from now on be a valued grain origination client of Bristol Logistics’ infrastructure platform – the first of its kind in Romania- open to all farmers and traders operating within the catchment areas served by BL’s growing network.

BT Capital Partners acted as financial advisor to Brise Group. Dentons and Kinstellar acted as legal advisors to the transaction, PWC as tax, financial and market advisors to the Fund and BASE as technical advisors.

The Chinese fund signed the agreement with Brise in April this year, but the transaction was finalized in July. Back in April, the fund said that will be investing close to EUR 60 million in the Romanian company.

Source: Business Review – August 2019