Happy Orthodox Easter 2024

Paşte fericit! Hristos a înviat!

Bio Farm Crucea wishes you a joyous and blessed Orthodox Easter!

May this holy season bring renewed hope, peace, and the warmth of spring to you and your loved ones. As we celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection, let us cherish the bounty of the earth and the joy of working together to cultivate a sustainable future.

Paşte fericit! Χρόνου Πολλά! Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

School Trip to Bio Farm Crucea

On April 25th, the students of Constanta City had the opportunity to visit Bio Farm Crucea SRL as part of their field trip. We are known for sustainable farming practices and commitment to producing high-quality organic products.

Upon arrival at the farm, the students were greeted by our friendly staff, Mr. Dan Ursulica, Mrs. Badiu Anisoara and Mr. Ciprian Pircalabescu, who led them on a tour of the farm. During the visit, the students learned about the different crops grown on the farm. They also had the opportunity to see the farm’s machinery, including tractors, combines, and precision digital systems.

The students were particularly interested in learning about how the farm uses sustainable farming practices. They learned about the importance of crop rotation and good organic practises.

They also learned about the farm’s commitment to using renewable energy sources, which are widely used in the area.

In addition to the tour, the students also had the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on activities in the meeting room.

The field trip to Bio Farm Crucea SRL was a valuable learning experience for the students. They learned about the importance of agriculture and the benefits of sustainable farming practices.

They also had the opportunity to connect with nature and learn about where their food comes from.



Convoys with hundreds of angry farmers arrived in Brussels to protest their terms of work and pay, with fires lit outside European Parliament and police in riot gear firing tear gas. EU leaders have to understand that without farmers that keep land alive, there won’t be any food.

BIO FARM CRUCEA management and workers express solidarity towards all EUROPEAN FARMERS in this difficult moments!


Vectr Holdings acquires Padova Agricultura and Contara, totaling 4500 hectares of irrigated land

Vectr Holdings, a privately-owned group of companies, continues its commitment to Romania with new strategic acquisition, consolidating its position as a key player in the industry.

Engaged in agricultural operations, agricultural machinery distribution, fitness and real-estate in Romania, with an annual business turnover exceeding Euro 200 million, Vectr Holdings announces successful acquisition of Padova Agricultura S.R.L and Contara S.R.L through its subsidiary, Vectr Farm Braila S.R.L.

Vectr’s involvement in Romanian agriculture demonstrates its dedication to promoting innovation and sustainability in this sector. Given the extensive expertise and established best practices in the field advocated by the Vectr’s farming activities, this investment will further promote integration of modern technology andbest practices for sustainability in Romanian agriculture.

“Vectr Holdings aims to strengthen its market position, enhance productivity, and set new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and innovation while operating collaboratively with all stakeholders to create a positive impact, stimulate economic growth and contribute to the communities in which it operates while facing unprecedented weather volatility.

Looking ahead, Vectr Holdings is committed to implement strategies that align with the dynamic needs of the modern agricultural era in Romania: sustainable resource management, enhanced productivity, water conservation, soil health and respect for biodiversity with an eye on food security” stated Chintan Surana, Group CEO of Vectr Holdings.

Vectr Holdings affiliate companies started with agriculture in Romania in 2015 with 2,300 hectares under operation. In the last 3 years it expanded area under operation by circa 17,500. With these acquisitions, Vectr Holdings’ farming operations now encompass circa 27,000 hectares of agricultural land.

Padova Agricultura S.R.L., operating in Braila has been actively involved in the production and marketing of cereals in Romania. Its diverse portfolio includes crops such as rice, corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, alfalfa, and soy. The second company, Contara S.R.L, has transitioned its focus from rice cultivation to cereal production, specializing in crops like corn, wheat, and sunflower from the agricultural year 2022.

Vectr Farm Braila, the holding company facilitating this acquisition, is strategically positioned to integrate Padova Agricultura and Contara into Vectr Holdings’s ecosystem seamlessly.

Source: Business Review.eu January 2024

Organic farming is not just a trend, it’s the future of agriculture

The problem of the use of chemicals in agriculture is serious and requires attention. The consequences of pesticide use may already affect our children and later future generations.

In a world where environmental problems are becoming increasingly acute and health concerns are coming to the fore, organic farming is no longer just a trend. It is now the indispensable future of agriculture.

Organic farming is not just a production method, but a philosophy of sustainability that minimizes the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators, relying instead on natural processes. This approach is not only about growing food, but also about actively engaging with nature, focusing on biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability.

In the heart of Romania, Bio Farm Crucea Srl stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture, committed to cultivating a future where the harmony between nature and farming prevails. With a vision rooted in organic practices, this innovative farm has become a cornerstone in shaping the trajectory of agriculture in the country.

Bio Farm Crucea Srl, accessible at www.biofarmcrucea.ro, exemplifies a commitment to organic farming principles. From cultivating nutrient-rich soils to embracing eco-friendly cultivation methods, the farm stands as a testament to the growing importance of sustainable agriculture in Romania. Their website serves as a digital gateway, offering consumers a glimpse into their organic journey, product offerings, and the values that guide their practices.

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, the future of organic agriculture in Romania is promising. Consumers are increasingly seeking wholesome, pesticide-free produce, and Bio Farm Crucea Srl is at the forefront of meeting this demand. The farm’s dedication to transparency, environmental stewardship, and community engagement positions it as a model for other agricultural enterprises in the country.

In the coming years, Romania is poised to experience a surge in organic farming. Government initiatives supporting sustainable practices, coupled with a growing awareness among consumers, will drive this shift. Bio Farm Crucea Srl, with its innovative approaches and commitment to quality, is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape.

Visit www.biofarmcrucea.ro to witness the convergence of tradition and innovation, where Bio Farm Crucea Srl paves the way for a flourishing future in organic agriculture in Romania. Join us in embracing a sustainable tomorrow, where every harvest tells a story of responsible farming and a greener, healthier Romania.

Craciun fericit – Merry Xmas 2023

“Pământul nostru e un dar ce l-am primit de la străbuni Și-l vom păstra cu drag si har dacă dorim sa fim mai buni”

“Our land is a gift what I got from my ancestors and we wil keep it with love an grace if we want to be better”


Agreena and IPSO Romania a new strategic partnership on the regenerative agriculture market 

Agreena the leading soil carbon certification company, announces the intensification of operations on the Romanian market through the strategic partnership with IPSO, the Romanian leader in agricultural machinery. Through this approach, the two companies aim to reward as many farmers as possible who adopt sustainable farming practices in the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Thus, farmers play a crucial role in combating climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while making agriculture more productive and profitable. Agreena has developed a way that turns environmental impact into a new additional source of income for farmers, financing the regenerative transition and harnessing opportunities in the voluntary carbon market.Starting from May this year, through the partnership with IPSO Agricultură, Agreena is intensifying its operations on Romania market by maximizing the number of farmers participating in the Agreena Carbon program, offering them certificates that can later be sold on the voluntary carbon market. To promote regenerative agriculture nationally, IPSO will promote and register farmers for the program, strengthening the efforts of the local Agreena team.

“The partnership with IPSO Agricultură is an important step for farmers, giving more confidence and openness in this carbon farming market. Together we are convinced that we will succeed in developing this segment to increase the number of carbon certificates and facilitate farmers’ transition to regenerative farming practices.”, stated Mihaela-Monica Vasile, Market Lead Agreena Romania.

AgreenaCarbon program uses an internationally accredited mixed methodology to monitor, quantify, validate and verify greenhouse gas emissions reductions and removals on-farm level. Using satellite and artificial intelligence technology, it assesses five years of field data and quantifies farmers’ greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks, aligned with the latest United Nations IPCC guidelines. 

“Romania has a very high potential in regenerative agriculture, and the agricultural machinery offered by IPSO Agriculture represents the first pillar for implementing promising but equally sustainable technologies. The digitization of agriculture is becoming a goal at the national level, and the partnership with Agreena represents an important step in the development, efficiency, and increased profitability of farms in Romania”, added Adrian Călin, Crop Care Product Specialist, IPSO Agricultura.

Source: Business Review 05 2023

EC approves Romania’s EUR 14.9 bln plan for agriculture and rural development

On December 7 2022, the European Commission (EC) approved the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans of Romania and Bulgaria. The two Plans represent a total EU budget of EUR 20.5 bln, with EUR 5.6 bln for Bulgaria and EUR 14.9 bln for Romania.

Out of the total EU budget for these two countries, more than EUR 5.6 bln will be dedicated to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes, and EUR 436 mln to young farmers.

The Common Agricultural Policy – CAP will benefit from EUR 270 bln of EU funding for the 2023-27 period.

Romania’s Plan also includes EUR 1.1 bln allocated to investments in farms and processing units. Among other things, this will support the development of renewable energy sources and increase the value added to agricultural products. Farms of less than 50 hectares will also receive an additional redistributive payment, and 12,000 jobs will be created in rural Romania.

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January 2023


From all our team to all our clients & suppliers, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023.

Our offices will be closed from December 19th 2022, till January 8th 2023 (included).

Stay Home Stay Safe and enjoy your warm homes.

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